Supplies for few schools in Burundi

by Scott
Created 28 Dec, 2023 | Perth
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Hello everyone, I'm raising funds for 4 schools in Burundi. While visiting a local school last year, I witnessed their challenging learning conditions. From classrooms without windows or doors to students lacking textbooks and even basic playthings during lunch breaks, it deeply saddened me.

The school's exceptional commitment to welcoming orphaned children, regardless of financial constraints, struck a chord with me. They're battling their own financial crisis while prioritizing these vulnerable children. When I surprised the principal with 2 million shillings, the joy and gratitude from him and the students moved me to tears.

While the contributions of soccer balls, textbooks, and pens made a life-changing difference, it's clear that more support is urgently needed. Every dollar donated will go directly towards paying off the school's debts, providing essentials for the children, constructing new boarding rooms, upgrading classrooms, and enhancing facilities as per their needs.

Together, we can transform this and create a lasting impact on these children's education and future.
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