How it works

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I need funds. How do I create a campaign?

To create a campaign and rise funds for your cause you need to follow 3 simple steps:

Start Your Fundraiser

• Define a clear and achievable fundraising goal.
• Share your story to resonate with potential supporters, explaining why this cause matters.
• Include a compelling image or video that captures the essence of your cause.

That's it! After approval your campaign will be going live and ready to accept donations. It's fast & safe.

Outreach and Communicate

Campaigns involving multiple team members tend to achieve higher success rates compared to solo campaigns. One pivotal reason behind this lies in the collective outreach potential. When a team collaborates, the combined network and efforts extend outreach significantly beyond what an individual could achieve alone.

One of the simplest methods to assemble a team involves reaching out to your entire email list, or those you've corresponded with over the past year, and inviting volunteers to join your campaign team. This inclusive approach fosters collaboration and draws on the strengths and varied perspectives of individuals who share a common interest in the campaign's success. The team can then:

• Invite people to join and support your cause by sharing the fundraiser link.
• Reach out via emails and text messages, personally inviting individuals to contribute.
• Amplify your message by sharing across various social media platforms.

Managing and Monitoring

• Utilize the dashboard to oversee and manage your fundraiser's progress.
• Accept donations securely and efficiently through the designated platform.
• Thank your donors promptly and sincerely for their support.

Getting paid

• Manage and initiate the process for withdrawing funds as necessary.
• Receive your funds directly to your bank account or PayPal account.